04 February 2007

wash your hair to trannidom

Sometimes these things write themselves. I'm going to let this one do just that.
Using lavender and tea tree oil products can cause young boys to develop breast tissue, a study finds.
Gynaecomastia is rare, and there is often no obvious cause.
But US specialists report in the New England Journal of Medicine that three boys developed the condition after using the oils.

I just lost my urge to herbal,

02 February 2007

oh, microsoft

Woah, Microsoft, simmer down! According to the Associated Press, the computer company has begun hiring people to edit Wikipedia articles. As in that's their only job: sit in an office and make sure that Microsoft looks good on Wikipedia.
Great work, guys.

I guess this has become ever important as people realize that their software sucks, but my poor Wikipedia! You're supposed to be for the people by the people (not to be confused with FUBU).

The windows of the world are never open all the way,


So I just received this email from American Apparel. Apparently they trademarked "pantytime".

Honestly, I'm surprised it hasn't been done.