18 January 2007

wii-ing the night away

I should have posted this earlier, but whatever. Last week, a woman died trying to win a Nintendo Wii from a radio station. The morning show on Sacramento's KDND FM held a contest titled Hold Your Wee For A Wii. Clever. Cute. Until someone died!!!! The game went something like this: players drank eight ounces of water every fifteen minutes for 90 minutes. After the 90 minutes were up, players were given increasingly larger portions of water until someone wet him/her/hirself. Unfortch, one woman went home (having not won a wii) and died from water intoxication.
Want me? I cost $250...and your life!!!!!!!

Well, breaking news in the story: the station has fired ten employees including the hosts of the "Morning Rave", the show that held the contest. Good for them! Killing peeps with water....how low.

But the moral here, chillins', is that anything can kill you in excess, water, ponies, crack-cocaine, you name it! I remember that my AP Environmental Science teacher (we called it "APES" for short) once told us that eating too much spinach can prove deadly. Lucky for Popeye, spinach is only lethal in doses upwards of 22 pounds, an amount that surpasses the capacity of the human stomach. Phewph!

I could never let you go,

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