16 January 2007

she threw it

In the future, Naomi Campbell will plead guilty to assault. Actually it's just already tomorrow in Australia, where that article is from. Blows your mind, don't it?! Times zones scare me. Anyway, she pleaded guilty to third degree assault (ie: throwing phones at assistants) and was fined a whopping $363.32. I don't know how one of the world's most [in]famous Super Models is going to pay such a fine.

Bitch, please, my green weave cost more than that fine!

I am curious about the 32¢. Is there an equation for determining fines? And if so, why don't they round up to the nearest dollar? Take it from me, carrying coins in one's thong is no walk in the park! She will also be required to attend anger management classes. I hope those don't conflict with her yogalates!

I'm gonna be a supermodel,

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