10 January 2007

rip, rim

I spent most of my afternoon yesterday watching Apple's stock skyrock and RIM's (makers of the Blackberry) plummet. Let's just say that thanks to the introduction of the iPhone I made a lot of money...it almost paid for itself! Almost.

If only it could do my laundry

You have no idea how excited I am about this phone. You can skip to the voicemails you want! It's a widescreen ipod! There's only one button! So excited that I will be switching to Cingular in the spring (thoughts?). Time Magazine's pretty pumped as well. But you can see for yourself. Watch the keynote and see how rad it is. Now, if only Jobs had unveiled the iToast, a toaster that plays music and chars album art onto poptarts. Maybe next year.

The apple of my eye,


Joe John said...

For me, skipping voicemails is the most exciting part. Honestly, I could do without EVERYTHING else. Just let me skip my voicemail. Please.

Katey said...

Fuck! Why didn't I buy Apple stock!

Yeah, I quit Cingular in a fit of rage a few years ago, but I think I'm going to have to come crawling back.

Janie said...

This is why I should have money in the s-market. I'd've been all "Hear ye, hear ye: YouTube three months ago, Apple now! I say!" And I'd be one of those eccentric billionaires.
In other news, the New York Times loved it but advised me to wait. 1. The price and 2. It'll get better.
Also, I kind of like having seperate music and phone because if I break my ipod or phone or if one gets stolen, all is not completely lost.