19 January 2007

no green mountain iphone

Remember the iPhone? Well, people in Vermont do, and they're enraged by it. This is because after all the excitement and hype surrounding the phone in the past few weeks, Green Mounties have realized that they can't have it. Not a single one.

Hands off, Vermont

The reason being that Cingular (the exclusive carrier of Apple's yet to be released cell-wonder) doesn't operate a single cell tower in the whole state of Vermont. Unbelievable? I know! Although Cingular customers can get service in the state via roaming, the company's terms of service prohibit customers from living in roam areas. Also, the company has apparently been known to cancel the plans of those who roam constantly. Sucks to your assmar, Vermont!

A few days before the phone's release, Vermont's Governor Jim Douglas pledged to make Vermont the "first true 'e-state" by bringing broadband and cell service to its entirety by 2010. Ironically, the iPhone does both of these things, and they can't have it. Awk, Gov. Doug. Awk.

[Can't] cross the Green Mountain,

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