20 January 2007

meat heads

What kind of world do we live in when the number one most shoplifted item is meat? No, seriously.
Every supermarket detective—or "loss-prevention specialist," as many prefer to be called—has an offbeat meatlifting story to share. There's the one about the lady who seemingly defied the laws of physics by stuffing an entire HoneyBaked Ham in her purse, the man discovered with a trove of filet mignons in his Jockey shorts, or the meth addict who explained that his dealer, exhibiting an atypical benevolent streak, had agreed to accept prime rib in lieu of cash.

Take me!
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1 comment:

Janie said...

I know this entry is old and you will never see this comment, but I'm just catching up with teh bl0g, and this makes sense to me because everytime someone launches off the check-out in "Supermarket Sweep," they go straight for the meat. I always wondered if the meat on that show was real though or just hollow plastic hams. I mean, it'd rot? Under the lights? Was it a real supermarket? I don't know.