16 January 2007

"lost" is halfway there

The producers of he hit ABC drama "Lost" are looking to figure out how everything is going to wrap-up:
"It's time for us now to find an end point for this show," Cuse explained. "It's always been discussed that the show would have a beginning, middle and end." He added that the finale of “Lost” would wipe any concerns among fans of the complex show that the mystery is actually as mysterious to them as it is to the viewers.
But have no fear, we still have 2.5 seasons ahead of us. The producers believe that the ideal story arc will last about 90 to 100 episodes. They will achieve 93 by the end of season 4. They cite "X Files" as an example of an excellent show that just went on for too long.

We gotta get outta this place!

We'll see how this works out. I'm strange and continue watching shows after they jump the shark, because I don't want to ditch the characters (my friends). I guess I have television separation anxiety. I can't even put into words how upset I was when "Dawson's Creek" ended. Crap, I'm becoming upset just thinking about it.

"The only paradise is paradise lost,"

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