21 January 2007

let the blue state civil war begin

I know this is getting into that iffy realm of "politics" rather than "totally relevant pop culture," but you may have noticed this weekend that Hillary is in!

What does this have to do with pop culture, you ask?

That's right-- the Clintons have the best connections in Hollywood this side of Heidi Fleiss. Not since Bruce Springsteen played at a rally for John Kerry have we seen the kind of celebrity ass-kissing that's about to happen. Whereas most Democratic candidates try to avoid the "limousine liberal" stereotype, the Clintons have no hope of escaping it. I mean, remember this?

Why, you're right, that IS Bono!

In short, this is going to be like that episode of "The West Wing" where they all go to Hollywood, except this guy is also going to be following them:

(Enlarged in order for you to properly appreciate pecs)

And honestly, if you had to choose which one had a face more suited for radio, I think Hil' will be hitting up NPR soon enough.

And just in case "Beach Babe Obama" and "Hollywood Hillary" weren't enough for you, please don't forget that this guy -- a Republican! -- is also considering a run:

"I'm gonna rouge my knees
And roll my stockings down
And all that jazz"

Once Brangelina decides who to endorse, then we'll really have an election on our hands.

Will someone please explain to me why Hillary was with Oprah when she won her Emmy?

P.S: Oscar nominations on Tuesday! Start making your predictions!

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