11 January 2007

i'd be upset too

Apparently the proposed site of the George W. Bush Presidential Library is on S.M.U.'s campus. And even though the conservative Houston school is often viewed as nothing more than a country club with classes (I know a few girls who went there with the intension of getting their MRS degree), some of the professors aren't too keen on the library.

"I love reading! And libraries!"

Why not put the library at Yale or Harvard? This quote explains it all:
Mr. Evans revealed on Dec. 21 that the panel was setting aside two other contenders, Baylor University in Waco and the University of Dallas in Irving, to pursue exclusive discussions with Southern Methodist, the alma mater of Mrs. Bush and an institution long close to the Bushes. Mr. Bush graduated from Yale and Harvard.
Mrs. Bush went there! I always knew that biddy was the real mastermind behind Washington. And peeps say we've never had a woman prez. Pshaw!

5-4-3-2 give a cheer for SMU,

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Liz said...

SMU is in Dallas, not Houston.