16 January 2007

googlemaps galore!

Let's have fun with GoogleMaps, shall we? While perusing GoogleMaps Mania, my favorite (and the only?) GoogleMaps blog, I came across some of the greatest GoogleMaps hybrid sites. Here's a few:

MappyHour : Find the closest happy hour in most major cities!

Jargol : Once you're good and sauced, use Jargol to find the hippest indy boutique. Unfortch, there's no Atlanta option, but no bother. After happy hour even Brooks Brothers can seem rad.

Housing Maps : This one's gonna be great for the summer. It's a mash-up of GoogleMaps and Craig's List and makes finding that summer sublet a breeze.

BibleMap : Any religion majors in the house? Well, with BibleMap you can finally figure out where all of those miracles took place! Just pick a passage and click on the location link within the text. It's still in beta, but if you were ever curious as to the location of Migdol then you're in luck!

Community Walk : Ready to take the plunge and create your own GoogleMap mash-up? Try Community Walk. It'll even let you import your points of interest from Excel! It's super easy. I'm thinking that a GoogleMap of Wesleyan would be perfect to help the Class of '11 get around next fall, dontcha think? We can call it WesMaps! Oh...wait.

They don't love you like I love you,

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