17 January 2007

give 'em a peace prize already!

I swear, Brangelina try the hardest of any Hollywood couple. Perhaps too hard? After adopting the entire cast of One World, the couple is moving the troops down South....to New Orleans? But it's sinking, you say! Will it support the weight of Angelina's lips? We'll soon find out.

Kidz, we're moving to N'w Orlenz!

Because they just bought a $3.5 million mansion in the French Quarter. PARTAAAAY!!!! And I think they want to do some humanitarian stuff. Whatevs, we know they're in it for the boobs and beads. Is Shiloh ready for baby's first Girls Gone Wild shoot? We'll see!

Way down to Mississippi down to New Orleans,


Joe John said...

One World was my favorite show on TNBC. I'm glad Brangelina is making it their life.

One Woo-orld. We're livin' in! One woooorld.

Justin said...

I cannot believe you just name dropped TNBC! Rock on!