29 December 2006

totes artist of the week: yo majesty

This begins a series of weekly posts that I will hopefully manage to keep up with. If you haven't heard of them yet, I introduce you to Yo Majesty-- three female rappers from Tampa bringing new life to the Miami bass sound popularized by 2 Live Crew in the late 1980s. (read more)DOWNLOADS
Club Action
It's a Warning
Club Action (techno mash-up)

The latter track is a Moneyshot/Totes exclusive, courtesy of David Alexander of hardfeelingsuk/freeform disco 1. I created this series to bring you tunes with optional word vomit. My intention is not to post obscure, elitist songs, but to introduce you to some fun tunes available as legal downloads on the internetzzz. I hope you enjoy.

Coirvoisier where art thou?,
Joe John

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