24 December 2006

that's sir bono to you. well, not really.

In case you didn't catch this, Bono is going to be knighted! Well, kinda. Since he's not an Englishman, he'll only become and honorary sir.
Transition via pix!

Obviously, this is a step down after being last year's Time Man of the Year, but whatever. I'm sure he'll show up to the knighting and crap, because he's classy like that. It'll take place sometime after the New Year, and I bet there'll be cheese cubes and cocktail hot dogs for all! He's getting the honor for his music and humanitarian work (e.g. red iPod).

In case you're interested, here's a list of honorary knights. Highlights? Bill Gates, Placido Domingo, Rudolf Giuliani, Steven Spielberg and Simon Wiesenthal.

I wonder if he'll get honorary armor to go with his title,

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