27 December 2006

stop the crocs

I don't think that there's any fashion choice I hate more than a pair of Crocs.
Just fug

Actually, I take that back. The biggest fashion faux-pas is sticking little jewels in your Crocs. You know you've seen them: little flowers, ladybugs, and smiley faces sticking out of Croc-holes.
This makes me die inside

Well, I just thought that I'd inform you that the Crocs company bought Jibbitz, the company that makes those horrible Croc jewels, for $10 million. Yup, $10 million. Oh, and if Jibbitz makes their sales forecast for the year? They'll get $10 million more. This is a sick world we live in, y'all.

Rockin' out with my croc out,


H.Bomb said...

As if I wasn't convinced enough we were all going to hell, Crocs def. secured our spot next to Hitler.

Anonymous said...

Those holes are good because they let those sweaty plastic things breathe. You need them! Jibbitz make that shits mad smellies!

Anonymous said...

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