24 December 2006

oprah finally settles down?

Here's some news to warm you this Christmas Eve: Stedman is moving in with Oprah! It's about time considering they've been dating for...oh....20 effing years! By the time they get married, this man will be out of jail.
I know what you're thinking: tossing salads.

The two will most likely move into the $6 million home that Oprah just bought in Chi-town. But all I can think is POOR GAYLE! Oprah's long time bestie and sleep-over pal will be kicked to the curb because of Steds. I'm sure her nights will be much colder from now own. At least $6 million usually gets you a guest room or two. Hopefully slumber parties will be in order. You know, for old time's sake.

We can take it slow, slow,

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