17 December 2006

it's my **** in a box!

Did you catch Justin Timberlake on SNL last night? He hosted and performed! What a two-for. What a bargain. Oh, and if you're wondering, his lover Cammy-poo introduced his first song. So many starz!

Ok, so the best sketch? Obviously "Hip Hop Kids:"

I'll probably name my first born Jo-Jessica. Boy or girl.

And in case you missed it here's my current obsession. Andy, Justin, Mya, and dicks-in-boxes? How can you go wrong? (Kinda NSFW)

Now you know what's #1 on my Festivus list,


Anonymous said...

i hate andy samberg, but i love "dick in a box." that shit hilarious and that song mad-catchy.
the lady in the skit who isn't maya is named kristin wiig, btw, if that's who you was wondrin' bout.

Justin said...

'Twas! Thanks, dear.