24 December 2006

i'm bringing lindsay back

Now that Justin has brought Totes back like that other Justin brought sexy back, it's time for me to briefly hop in with the feel-good anthem of the winter season.  Justin suggested that I revamp my seasonal playlists, but for lack of time and lack of computer with any good music...this will have to do.  Just put this song on repeat.  Call it a playlist.  Genius!
Daughters to father
Remember when Lindsay used to be small and innocent?  I know it's tough, but think pre-boobage.  Back when she was "being a star" alongside Tyra Banks in 2000's entirely underrated Life-Size.  Basically, when Disney still OWNED her ass.  Well, those days are gone.

But you already knew that.  Long ago, Totes brought you a song called "Big Ass Titties" by Jhae f/ Bumba.  In the history of Lindsay**, this marks the beginning of the so-called Hohan Period (ca. 2005-present), marked by bed-hopping tabloid reports, drug-use accusations, fluctuating weight, and last but not least...partying minus the panties.  

I am late in posting this song, as it is old news to the greater blog world...but for those of you who haven't heard this...well, I think it speaks for itself.

DOWNLOAD:  SPANK ROCK / PASE ROCK- Lindsay Lohan's Revenge

Word from the artist is that Lindsay has heard this song:  "we leaked the song last week on these internets to kind of kick off the tour, and most people know the song or have heard about it... sooo the fact that she was at this party was icing on the cake perfect."

Don't say I didn't give you anything for Christmas.  If time permits, I will bring in 2007 with a playlist.

Stains on your dress and you wear it so well,
Joe John

** Pray that this will be offered as a college course some day.  Pray.

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