23 December 2006

christmas for the jews

Jews, we Christmas-celebrators know that December 25th is a rough day for you. Everything's closed, most of America spends the day opening presents (you don't), and the highlight is a pint of egg drop soup and a matinée. Well, children of YHWH, now there's something for you! American Apparel has a special offer just for G-d's chosen people. Take this quiz to prove that you're a Jew, and you'll receive a coupon for 25% off online purchases of $75 or more through December 26th!

So get your Jew on! Next Saturday I want to see everyone in the synagogue rockin' gold metallic hot shorts. Don't disappoint!

Nes gadol haya sham,

1 comment:

Joe John said...

First they get puberty parties and now THIS? Jealousy.

At least we still have Rudolph, but even if his damn nose saves Christmas...it can't get you a discount!