26 June 2006

totes a goodbye: bigger and better things

Upon, Katey and Kate's graduation, Joe John's upcoming senior thesis, and Justin's venture into becoming a corporate whore...we have decided to close up shop. But rest assured that we're doing just fine.

Are you though? Do you miss us? May I suggest these blogs to help you out?
  • IT'S THE MONEYSHOT!!: This is Joe John's new music blog. It's a mix of indie, pop, hip-hop, and soul. It will blow your mind...and that will be the moneyshot. If you miss Joe John's monthly mixtapes, you should check this out.
  • Blogging Project Runway: If you miss Katey's Project Runway re-caps, this is your one stop source for all things related to Bravo's hit TV series.
  • OH NO THEY DIDN'T: The internet mecca of pop culture. The mods and users can be bitchy, but the info is priceless.
  • shitparade: Another blog with the Wesleyan connection, shitparade is a goldmine for the latest news about ANTM's Kim Stolz and some hot tracks from rising musical artists of LA.
  • The Hype Machine: The best MP3 blog aggregator in the world. I think.
  • Scary Bunnies: Blogging Connecticut like nobody's business, Scary Bunnies gives you the best of what the Hartford area has to offer and then some.
  • Lane and Sorrow: For those of you with love problems, Lane and Sorrow can help. Even if you don't have love problems, you should just call them and leave a funny message.
Contact us if you'd like to be included on this list and feel neglected. I apologize.


Tom said...

I'm so sad about this, but it's so rare that there is a blog as good as Totes, or as consistently interesting, so I guess I should just be proud of you guys for doing such amazing work!

Sarah said...

I'll miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

pity that you stop

Tbone said...

Noooooo! Katey come back. We need your PR recaps!!