03 May 2006

whatever it takes, i know i can make it through

To add to my obsession with youtube...
I was originally very excited when I discovered that you can watch select episodes of Degrassi on the-N.com. Then, someone notified me that essentially every episode ever aired is on youtube. This includes my favorite EVER...the creation of "Palex". It also includes the rest of season 5, which has yet to debut in the US. Lesbians unite, bitch fights commence, babies are born, cheating occurs, anorexia attacks, and boozin' goes down. OH...IT GOES THERE.
Are we going to party? I think I need another bracelet,
Joe John


Sarah said...

This is the best thing ever... I think I love you.
And yet, hate you, because now I will never do work.

jack said...

but where can we find the episode of Degrassi Old School where Claude hangs himself in the bathroom to get back at Spike?

Brittany said...

Degrassi is definitely a secret guilty pleasure for me.

Adi said...

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