02 May 2006

pimpin all over the world, circa 1970

Continuing my obsession with soul. Courtesy of soul detective.

LEE BATES- International Playboy
LUDACRIS- Pimpin' All Over the World

The similarity between these two songs is incredible. 7 years before Ludacris was born, Mr. Lee Bates (please refrain from Master Bates jokes) states, "My name is known in old Hong Kong, I'm just as famous as egg foo yung!"

35 years later, Mr. Chris Bridges states similar claims about his international appeal--- "I had sad beginnings when I rapped with no fans, Now it's all happy endings on my lap in Japan."

It's only right that they share their experiences with yall,
Joe John

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Johnny Strangler said...

Hey Joe John...

Glad yr diggin' the soul. Those blogs were aces, found a lot of great rare gems in some of them. So, like, thanks for the tips.

If you dig the old soul, I highly recommend either Soulseeking or Amazoning some old UK Northern Soul comps. There were some great rare tracks that places like the Wigan Casino played all the time, lots of cult faves.

Amen Corner was a fantastic UK soul group...highly addictive.

Also, check the Gilles Peterson comp on Ubiquity/Luv N Haight called Brownswood USA. Lots of rare 45's he unearthed and compiled.