06 May 2006

may mixtape reject: new song by coach said not to

The May mixtape is in the works! I promise. There are currently a few thematic issues...which led to a few songs getting considered for a second and canned within the next minute. Here is the first of many...

d/l: COACH SAID NOT TO- Unlikely Architect

Remember how Heidi from Project Runway really liked pretty things? Well, I have no particular reason for wanting to include this on the new mixtape...except it's really pretty. I tried to bullshit some excuse for it's inclusion, which mostly involved incorporating the fact that I'm taking an architecture course. Then I realized that academics are lame. In any case, I can not resist the vocals on the closing lines of the song--- "Inchworm, inchworm measuring the marigolds. You and your arithmetic will probably go far..."

Check out some more tunes by Coach Said Not To on the space or their website.

Behind my back they call me Mark spelt with a "k",
Joe John

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