19 May 2006

go to this if you are cool...

Jess Lane and Jon Golbe of Teen Homicide have teamed up once more for a new pilot!!! Here are the words from Jess herself.

"Aawwwwwwwwww man!

Me and Jon made a new Channel 102 pilot. And they liked it. It's going to be at the screening. It's very exciting.

We spent a whole lot of time on it. Probably the majority of last month was spent writing, planning, filming, and editing this show. I think it looks really good. And hopefully it will be funny.

It'll be shown at the screening Monday night at Anthology Film Archives in NYC. The screening is at 8:30 and costs $5.

The screenings are pretty important, because the audience votes for the shows that get to make more episodes. They are at a really nice movie theater and its very fun and premiere-esque. More friends = more fun. If everyone in the world went, it would make me incredibly happy.

Directions to Anthology are here:

And if you are at Wes, we are organizing a carpool! So call or email me about that, and we will all drive together."

Apologies for not updating in the past forever and a day. In the midst of finals, there has been comtemplation of the extinction of totesumbrellas. A final verdict has not yet been reached.

On a final note, go see Akeelah and the Bee while you still can, do NOT see Just My Luck. I repeat, DO NOT see Just My Luck.

Kick his B-U-T-T,
Joe John


notjesslane said...

See, the thing about extinction is that it means that things aren't alive anymore. Who likes that?!

What about STICK IT? Should we see STICK IT?

(Thanks for the mad shout outzzz.)

Joe John said...

I have heard mixed reviews about Stick It.

Katie loved it
Eliza hated it
Chris said it was "eh"

I really still need to see it.

jon golbe said...

The 102 web site says 8 on the main page and the Anthology link says 8:30. what gives?

Stick it was great.

notjesslane said...


Anonymous said...

so hey is totesumbrellas over?