06 May 2006

america's next top gossip: lisa d'amato tells all...again

I haven't been keeping up with Lisa recently...but it looks like she's been doing a lot of shit-talking in her MySpace fan club recently. Here are some highlights...
  • "someone asked a while back: Who else made out in the limo besides Kim and Sara.....It was Jayla and Cassandra....I think. It was a big mess of everyone, but I'm pretty sure."
  • "Fuck Tyra, Fuck her show, Fuck her whole I'm a helpful hand bullshit! She's an ego maniac. She only cares about her self. If she could be all 13 contestants on Top Model, she would be. If she could interview herself on her talk show all day, she would. If I'm wrong, prove it to me! Just for saying all this I could just disappear. Tyra could make that happen. If you'll don't hear from me, she had the secret service get on my ass and I'm probably chopped into a million pieces."
  • "on our down time, I basically listened to Everyone bitch and complain and be at one anothers throats. I was soooo fucking bored I tried to amuse myself! Masturbate, put on my weird costumes and fake teeth. Tried to entertain them aswell. They would laugh, but talk shit about me. Fuck it though, I'm over it. but, Diane is awesome, Ebony(funny as hell), and Kim is fun to be around, but ......a huge shit talker, you never know if she is a friend or not. Just keep her at arms length you can't confine in her(back stabber)"
  • "because of contracts, I'm not allowed to say if we stayed around or not, but...... We did."
  • "I love those wild guys, they are awesome. But, Steve-o had a crush on Nicole, which I didn't get. And, Nicole had a boyfriend for like 3 years and always said how much she loved him. But, she gave Steve-o her ... If ya'll think that's cool, that's fine, but, I'm all about being faithful. Your heart is the most delicate thing in the world if you ask me."
  • "I don't know about Janice and Tyra... I know that Janice thinks the show is bull-shit. She told me that. I don't know if that is the reason why she left. But, I know that that is the reason why she prefers to do just cameos."
Read everything here.

On another note, this reminded me...Diane has been doing some modeling recently and she's looking good!

I think I said too much,
Joe John


Anonymous said...

If she's so into being sharply observant and brutally honest, doesn't she notice that she has an ugly face? That seems apparent, no?

EvilBeet said...

I love that girl...I think she's refreshing. Thanks for the post!