06 April 2006

your time is up

If you haven't been watching "Flavor of Love," well, for Christ's sake, what have you been doing? It's the new Jerry Springer and by the far the best version of those "Bachelor"-type shows, if only because the contestants all have crazy nicknames like Red Oyster and when one contestant exited... well... let's turn to the video clip:

Pumkin was already infamous for being on another reality show before "Flavor of Love," so we already knew she didn't truly love Flav, but who knew she was a big, fat lesbian?!?!

From ONTD: "Brooke Thompson, who went by the name "Pumpkin" while on the twisted dating show Flavor Of Love, has just got engaged to the openly lesbian Courtney Taylor. According to sources close to Pumpkin, the couple met about a month ago and the relationship blossomed extremely quickly."

As twisted as this is, what's really keeping me up nights now is wondering if New York was really the only one who truly did love Flav. She seemed just fucked up enough to make it work.

At least I don't look like a pumpkin,


Justin said...

yah. at least you're not orange. HAHAHAHA I JUST IMPLIED THAT YOU'RE FAT. But you're not. Fooking WW.

Anonymous said...

Also newly lesbian: Kennedy from Buffy. The actress. the character appears to have always been one.