17 April 2006

you got skooled: the perfect beat

I found a bunch of ol skool hip-hop tunes on the net, and as I listened to them, I noticed that several aspects of them are borrowed by current artists. This is not news, as sampling is a large part of the hip-hop world, but most people (including me) don't know the history behind these beats. Therefore I decided I would start a new feature on this blog called "you got skooled" which draws bridges between the ol skool and new skool hip-hop. I admit that I am no expert and may start talking about a sample in a song from the 80s or 90s which is actually from some 70s disco song, but try to ignore that!

This week:

I have to admit that I am not a huge LL Cool J fan, especially when it comes to his recent work. Maybe it was something they put in the water on the set of "In the House" or maybe his lyrics and flow have just always been a little whack. It always seems like LL is lyrically stuck in the 80s or early 90s, yet he tries his best to sound like he fits into the industry today. While I applaud him for sticking to his personality, I don't think it works musically. All this aside, "Control Myself" would make me shake my ass. With production by current top-rate hitmaker Jermaine Dupri (The Emancipation of Mimi, Confessions) it has a chance of climbing the charts. (EDIT: It is number one in the iTunes music store RIGHT NOW) The beat is HOT, but the song isn't really that great without it. Let's see where we've heard that beat before...

Here in 1982, before I was born...
AFRIKA BAMBAATAA- Looking for the Perfect Beat

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life!
Joe John

I think that this song might also be sampled for "Holla at Me" by DJ Khaled feat. Lil’ Wayne, Fat Joe, Paul Wall, Rick Ross and Pitbull...but iTunes isn't selling it so I can't even listen to find out.

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himanshu said...

its the same sample, yes