03 April 2006

worth the wait: the age of rockets

If you're like me, you're halfway (maybe all the way) tired of The Postal Service and halfway hoping for a new album.

Well, The Age of Rockets may be the next best thing for us. Their debut album The Drive Home is somewhere in between being very similar to The Postal Service yet simultaneously contains a whole new world of music. Who are we kidding? Some of these songs could very well BE the Postal Service.

In fact, the only thing that sets The Age of Rockets apart is the lack of Ben Gibbard. Instead of lil' Benny's trademark whine, we have the new sounds of Andrew Futral, post-nervous-breakdown...and post-Gibbard? Yes. Yes indeed. Futral isn't afraid of letting his voice stagger or crack a little when hitting those high notes. It's almost as if he's an unpolished version of Gibbard...which is what I've really been waiting for all along.

This comparison to Gibbard isn't unnoticed by the band. They list themselves as "influenced by the ambience of Sigur Ros, the electronics of the Postal Service and mournful tone of Azure Ray." Other influences include Billy Corgan and Radiohead, yet you get a bit of a Bjork (or even male-version-of-Frou Frou) vibe on some of the tunes.

What's their story? To sum it up, Futral started the group in 2003 after breaking down after a break-up with another band he had been in for several years. Recorded in a dorm room, this album began as a senior project at the Music Conservatory at Purchase College. Eventually, fellow conservatory members Bess Rogers and Saul Simon-MacWilliams joined Futral, bringing into the equation glockenspiels, vocal harmonies, and more.

Overall, The Age of Rockets satisfies the recent need for melancholy electro-pop in life. It takes out the peppiness of The Postal Service's Give Up and replaces it with tension-- desperation, frustration and longing. Somehow this isn't depressing enough to bring you down, but not frustrating enough to make you feel worse if you're already there. Almost perfect? Yes. Yes indeed.

When it comes to blogger etiquette, you're not supposed to post more than two songs from any band, but I seriously couldn't help it. I mean, this is the band who is going to bring back the lost art of the hand clap!

THE AGE OF ROCKETS- Pétales Aiment La Saleté
THE AGE OF ROCKETS- We Are Holding Our Breath
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Bringing back the lost art of the high five,
Joe John


Janie Stolar said...

check this out, yo:


Joe John said...

The concept of a grown woman with a Xanga is just hilarious to me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip...I checked them out - didn't really love them (they were just a little TOO Postal Service without actually being Postal Service) but I enjoyed nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

my sister has the cd, I like them, those are not even my fav songs, to me they are not postal but more album leaf or mum.