17 April 2006

totesumbrellas april mixtape: april showers

Remember that day it snowed earlier this month? I do too. That certainly isn't about to bring in some May flowers. Either way, it's spring or some junk. I decided to make a mixtape that is somehow appropriate for both running through the raindrops and lounging on the grass. There is a mixture of moods throughout the mix, just as there is a mixture of feelings that come with April. With the warmth, came allergies. With the completion of your thesis came the process of actually finishing it. With the boys with no shirts came the boys who shouldn't ever take their shirts off.

For some reason this mix is divided in two sections-- one of mostly electronic compositions and one that is primarily instrumental. Perhaps it echoes the dual nature of this month, or perhaps that was just a coincidence. I'll pretend that it was the first of those choices.
  1. FIREFOX AK- What's that Sound?: This is the song that inspired the mix as a whole. If you listen to it, my reasoning for its inclusion is obviously instilled within the chorus: "It still rains in my ears. Hey hey! What's that sound?" Sure, it's obvious...but not as obvious as "The Rain" by Missy Elliott. Plus, it is a pure Swedish pop gem. (BUY Madame, Madame)
  2. MAX TUNDRA- Lysine: Speaking of "The Rain" by Missy Elliott, this guy remixed it. He also wrote a cute electro-pop song about amino acids. This is that song. It is a Slip N Slide of Jello and love. On an unrelated note, did you know that lysine can be used as a nutritional supplement to help fight herpes? I didn't. I swear. (BUY Mastered by Guy at the Exchange)
  3. DJ COPY/MARIAH CAREY- Emotions: This will make it okay to listen to Mariah Carey. Copy is the man behind a collection of remixes entitled The Diva Mixtape featuring Mimi, Mary J. Blige, TLC, Janet Jackson, Destiny's Child, and others. It's fantabulous and less gay than you think. Or maybe more gay than you think...because I'm not really sure how you think. (BUY Mobius Beard CD)
  4. mc DJ/FEIST- Mushaboom (remix): I like this more than the original version of "Mushaboom" and I'm sort of ashamed of it. Or maybe I'm proud of it. I'm having trouble making up my mind today. (READ mc DJ's blog, BUY his album when it drops)
  5. TRILAMBS F/ BOOBIE GRANDE & MONTE CRISTO- Guttenberg: Big ups to Sir Max for leading me to this treasure. This group features Sunny D. Levine and Juliette & Joachim from Vagenius. By the way, Vagenius changed their name to Hello Stranger if you were wondering at all. This song is my JAM and it can be your jam too. (COP THAT shit over here)
  6. AK-MOMO- Women to Control: Way to slow down the dance party! This song turns the mix around quite a bit. I guess you can say that it is the dark cloud on the sunny day. However, it is very pretty. It will take you a few times to grow into this tune, but I promise that there will be a rainbow by the end. (BUY Return to NY)
  7. GNARLS BARKLEY- Just a Thought: Leave it to Cee-Lo and DJ Dangermouse to make an upbeat jam about suicidal thoughts. I guess it's been done before...by Blink182? I'm not sure whether to dance or wallow in my troubles. The confusion adds a certain charm to this song. Cee-Lo certainly is a soul machine, singing the blues. Gnarls Barkley is cray-cray!<--This link includes the best video ever, "Um, when I look at this ink blot, I see Cee-Lo Green, soul machine" (BUY St. Elsewhere)
  8. LEIF/MIRROR BOIYZ- Don't Get It Twisted (First Take Remix): This is a rough first take of the beginning of a beautiful musical friendship. Honorary Mirror Boiy Leif asked if he could remix our shit. We said yes. Check out his shiz on the space. Or check out our shit on the space. Uh huh, that's MY shit.
  9. BJORK- I Miss You (Sunshine Mix): I just really like Bjork, OK? Bjork + rappers = a dream (BUY Post)
  10. JOSE GONZALEZ vs. THE GAME- Dreams/Crosses: I don't really love either of these songs alone. When they're put together everything is better. I actually listen to the lyrics that The Game spits, which aren't as terrible as most of the crap that's out today. Somehow, Jose's guitarwork makes them seem much more sincere and earnest...and somehow I appreciate Jose's instrumental a bit more than I would if I was just listening to Veneer. This a successful, glorified mash-up, but I'm okay with that. (BUY Sometimes I Rhyme Slow by Dert)
  11. DESTROYER- Rubies: I've tried to tone down my excitement about Destroyer's Rubies after my obsession with Super Extra Gravity and Twin Cinema went a bit overboard. Now, I have too much pent-up love for this album...and this song. No one ever posts this song. I wondered why until I realized that it is almost 9 1/2 minutes long. It doesn't feel like 9 minutes for me, but I guess time flies when you're having fun. Unfortunately, some don't think Dan Bejar's voice is very fun. (BUY Destroyer's Rubies)
  12. THE GRATES- 19-20-20: BAM! This song is so packed with energy that it might as well be in an iPod ad. But don't worry...you only have to be ashamed for listening to it when it actually is. (BUY The Ouch, The Touch)
  13. SING-SING- Come, Sing Me a Song: Sing-Sing is apparently a band featuring former Lush guitarist Emma Anderson. I really don't care who they are as long as this song is in my ears. (BUY album)
  14. SPIRIT MARINES- Challenger: The Spirit Marines attend good ol' Wesleyan and they happen to make music while they do it. This is a song that I like by them. They are also streaming another song on the space. They are comprised of that kid who runs Dancepartyscenesterz sometimes, Jake Aron, Sam Ubl, and Zach Fried. Go to their shows or something.
  15. FIGURINES- Silver Ponds: I'm not sure how I feel about the Figurines. Pitchfork gave them an 8.3, but what the fuck does Pitchfork know? I've been trying to write a review for this album and it's just not coming out. There are songs ("Race You") that I can't tell if I hate because they remind me of some British dude with a piano a la Aqualung or if I love because the vocals are reminiscent of a male Joanna Newsom. In any case, I will save the rant. This song is pretty good, even though (after all the talk about it) you really would rather hear "Race You". (BUY The Skeleton)
  16. THE PIPETTES- Judy: It's no secret that I love The Pipettes...possibly too much. This is a song about a girl. (BUY stuff)
  17. THE JOLLY ROGERS- The Party Punch: This was a clever way for me to incorporate a song by Oh No! Oh My! without actually using their name. Unfortunately, I told you my plan, like an evil villain. Damnit! (PRE-ORDER new album)
  18. THE GO! TEAM- Huddle Formation (Live @ KCRW): I never knew what they were saying in this song and never bothered to look up the ridiculous lyrics. Well, unless the interweb is lying...they changed the lyrics for this version. I don't care what they do. I will "work my booty" if they ask.
No one else can speak the words on your lips,
Joe John


Johnny Strangler said...

Much respect for the Max Tundra song. An excellent, and oft-overlooked, album for sure.

Oh...I may shell out the 30USD for the Pipettes tee shirt. You should get one as well. I say the Pipettes Army starts NOW.

DJ Garage Flower said...

Hope you don't mind....is it alright that Johnny Strangler and I link you to our Shag Frenzy blog?