19 April 2006

totes a review: imaad wasif

ALBUM: Imaad Wasif
Kill Rock Stars
FOR THOSE WHO ENJOY: Badly Drawn Boy, Sufjan?, sad guys with acoustic guitars
Imaad Wasif really thinks his album is the shit.

"Hey all you fuckers and contemptuous villains and grandmas too: can you hear the soft blows of my record? This is meant for the late night vibe or the early morning fear but what do I know about setting the mood? I can be the most loveless bastard you’ve ever met or I can love you ‘til you can’t breathe, either way you choose, I will take it too far. So I give you my new solo record and every song on it is a hit..."

Is this cockiness a joke?...Because contrary to his enthusiasm, this album isn't as fabulous as he thinks it is. With his music, Wasif intends to "save people...siphoning away their poisons and negative energy". This form of saving people must come in the form of catharsis, because the songs on this album are mostly just fucking depressing.

What's even more depressing is that there is no reason to like this album. The guitar work is decent, but it's nothing you haven't heard before. Maybe the lyrics are great! Nope. Sorry. The lyrics on this album are comparable to not just any "emo" band, but the sort of shitty one that is signed to Victory Records receiving very little promotion (see Bayside). This would seem a horribly elitist statement, but just read...

"This wonderful pain; Feel it everyday; Wonderful, empty feeling I crave; You can always find a friend; To hurt you when you're down; It's wonderful; To be without"- Imaad Wasif, "Without"

"Don't want to cry; For the dead things; Don't want to open up; The wounds that never heal; I found a space between; For all those memories; Out in the black; Where they keep me company"- Imaad Wasif, "Out in the Black"

But lyrics and an acoustic guitar aren't everything. Maybe Imaad Wasif has an amazing voice! Nope. Sorry. Just like the instrumental and lyrical work, you've heard it before.

In the end, it seems that this very familiarity almost redeems the album. "Blade" sounds like a stripped down tune by Badly Drawn Boy. "Whisper" sounds like one of those coffee-shop guys with a guitar that you used to love.

When you get past the lack of originality within the individual songs and think about the album as a whole, it still doesn't quite hit a home run. Maybe the album has a nice flow! Nope. Sorry. The song order appears to be random...except for the annoying placement of the ONE uplifting song, "Tomorrow is Ours", at the end of the album. As the token hopeful closing track, it leaves you feeling very empty inside. The rest of the album contains no ups and downs, but all downs.

Maybe Wasif just sucks and will get nowhere in life! Nope. Sorry. With four bands behind him (Zao, Lowercase, alaska!, The New Folk Implosion), it looks like good ol' Imaad is going to keep going with the music. On top of that, he's now a touring member of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Therefore, we can't get rid of him that easily, and maybe we don't want to just yet! Nope? Sorry, we'll have to wait to find out.

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My most obnoxious review ever written,
Joe John


Anonymous said...

you are a moron. do the world a favor and shut up.

Joe John said...

I was waiting for the anonymous hate comments! Thank you, mysterious unnamed individual.