02 April 2006

the space: celebrity sightings

I posted a bulletin a few moments back promoting the recent march mixtape. I asked for any recent celebrity sightings. I got two.

Rachel, yo...

"Yesh, I've had a celebrity sighting. Peter Hook, who told me he liked my Joy Division shirt..."

Our winner of the month chooses to remain anonymous...

"tara reid stumbling drunk on hollywood blvd. last wed. night with her boob not visible for once.

"scarlett johansson
(sp?) at tokio two fridays ago.

"mischa barton
, the veronicas, ryan cabrera at the jane magazine party. i think ryan is dating one of those veronica's girl (i dont keep up with that shit so i'm not sure if this is common knowledge) but at the mac store in the valley i saw him and one of them together like 2 sundays ago. ryan austin green and some hot girl were there too tho not with ryan and the veronica (he kept his sunglasses on).. and the singer from the queens of the stone age.

"last week:
jason lee, bam margera, kat von d (from inked) at the stereo/kangol party at cinespace.

"maroon 5
guys at citizen smith.. as well as the old guy from the usual suspects (he played the main cop interrogating kevin spacey) at citz. smith as well hitting on my 21 year old friends.. they went to LAX with them and were apparently perfect gentlemen.. (he was with some guy that is always in mob movies who is old as well.. i just cant place him).

"every young hollywood fool at the nylon guys magazine party at the tropicana (roosevelt hotel pool)."


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I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes,
Joe John


Stephanie said...

Jake Gyllenhaal three times in the span of six months- USC, urban outfitters, urth cafe

Adrian brody, on santa monica blvd/beverly in the car next to me

Jared Leto, stood next to him in line at a cafe

paris hilton at paris latsis' house

Evangeline lily and her boyfried (the hobbit!) in hawaii


Anonymous said...

Paris has a surprisingly horrifying ass.