03 April 2006

sluts: 0, rosie: 1?

Around a year ago, we laughed and cried to the joys of Hallmark's Riding the Bus with My Sister starring Rosie O'Donnell. Now it appears that Rosie has made her way back into the news.

This time, she's not acting on the screen...but taking action in real life. It appears that Ms. O'Donnell set up the first cruise ever for gay families.

"Maybe people will get a chance to see what they're afraid of. The illusion about gay people is that it's all about sex. What unites us on this cruise is not that we're gay, but that we're parents."---Rosie

A documentary about the cruise will be featured on HBO this Thursday at 8PM (ET). The documentary explores the issues of being a gay parent, being a child of gay parents, homophobia towards gay families, and more. For more info, read the NYTimes article about it. Unfortunately, the audience Rosie is trying to reach hates her for it. Also, the documentary apparently isn't as good as you'd like it to be. Sad.

A League of Their Own,
Joe John

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Justin said...

You and I need to take our little black baby, Saltimblanco, on this cruise! It's our destiny. And Rosie will be there, so quoting "Riding the Bus" will be 10 times more fun!