20 April 2006

riding the bus with my big gay soccer-player sister

Erica Ash, Dion Flynn, Julie Goldman, Stephen Guarino, Kate McKinnon, Nicol Paone, Michael Serrato, and nobody else that you haven't heard of.


I'm not even kidding. That's the name of the show. It's a half-hour long sketch comedy show premiering next year. Unfortunately for Rosie, it will never come close to the hilarity of this.

In other homo news, Ian McKellen just gave me the worst mental image of him and Patrick Stewart bonking hardcore. I feel dirty now.

Mo money, mo problems,
Joe John

1 comment:

mell said...

Wow...unnecessary. I mean, we always assumed Professor X was boinking half the academy of gifted young'uns anyway. (And the faculty. Especially Storm.) So why would he need an old geezer like Magneto?