10 April 2006

long time ago, we'd be the shh!

Prince's latest album 3121 is much better than anything I've ever heard off of Musicology. And by the album, I mean a few songs. And by a few songs, I mean "Lolita" (mp3, BUY ALBUM). If you weren't really feeling "Black Sweat" or "Te Amo Corazon"...don't immediately write off this song. It is essentially the new "Kiss"...20 years late. I hesitated to write a post about it because a few other blogs picked up on it, but it is just to good to be ignored. Not to mention that Prince is almost 50 years old...and he is still rockin' my soul. And you thought YOU felt old.

On another note, I was thinking of how there's a Prince imposter in the Missy Elliott video for "Work It". This led me to thinking about the song..."Don’t I look like a Halle Berry, See the belvedere playin’ tricks on ya." poster And then Missy raps in the remix to Busta Rhymes' "Touch It"..."Don't it look like I got Beyonce's hips, lookin like I could be Nia Long. Boy you smokin' that cheech and chong." See? There is this common pattern that Missy only thinks men enjoy her looks when they are under the influence. This makes me a bit sad for her. Cheer up Missy. Cheer up.

I make you hot as Las Vegas weather,
Joe John

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