10 April 2006

i thought it was an affectionate term

Oh Carmen, you silly white woman!
If you haven't been watching Black.White, you're missing the one hour of reality television that actually has people dealing with some reality. OK, so it may not be that real...possibly. But the make-up is so great that it might as well be.

I recently found a song which embodies the reason Carmen may have had the misconception that "bitch" was an affectionate term in the Black community. It comes from the ever-so-problematic, ever-so-gaybashing Busta Rhymes.
"My baby so amazing...let me sit back and count the ways. (one) She the shit. (two) She the shit. (three) She the shit. I love my bitch!"

Obviously it is no excuse for Carmen's ignorance (Oh my God! Can I touch your hair?)...but this song is so bad that you must hear it. For a better hip-hop song, check out the theme Ice Cube made for Black.White. After sitting through an open forum about hate crimes, this feels terribly appropriate to post.
"I been to jail just like Martha Stewart, and we both told the judge we didn't do it!"

We be clubbin til the day we die,
Joe John

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