01 April 2006

going to the wedding chapel

CONGRATS IN ADVANCE! It seems as if Mollie Sue of America's Next Top Model is getting married this Monday. On top of that, she loves hanging out nekkid with the grrls.

According to a bulletin on The Space...

"it's 2:30 pm and we are all drunk and naked in bed. last night was the best night of my life. thank you ladies! let's go out naked again soon...oh wait...i'm getting married monday. hurry...we only have one more day."

Here is the man Mollie Sue is smoochin' and tyin' the knot with. Not too shabby.
(He's not the Asian one...)

It looks as if he is a hipster-ish DJ somewhere spinning tracks from Ladytron, Depeche Mode, VHS or Beta, Radiohead, Le Tigre, Kylie Minogue, Electric 6, Kelly Clarkson (well, Since U Been Gone), M.I.A., Prince, and Beyonce. Essentially, he's a Wesleyan dance party DJ.

And if you need more evidence that they're smooching...
And if you needed evidence that Mollie Sue actually has a good sense of humor (because the production of the show isn't really helping with that), her comment on this photo was, "those 2 little brothers are totally hott!"

Little Boy Blue,
Joe John

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lorin said...

i like how you basically paraphrased a few things from her myspace and turned it into some sort of investigative journalism piece.

it's almost as interesting as when i watch the news and they quote bloggers.