05 April 2006

the future is now!

This morning I got up early and read blogs instead of sleeping, and found probably the coolest thing in America:

The Jetsons were real!

What you're looking at is the Encounter Restaurant at LAX, a.k.a. the only thing that has ever made me fervently wish to go to Los Angeles. It's in the Theme Building, an airport terminal built in 1961 to intentionally mimic a landing alien spaceship.

So when the invasion inevitably happens, the Martians will feel welcome.

It started off as just a regular coffee shop, but a few years ago the people at Disney (who else?) got a hold of it and made Space Mountain weep with envy (all photos taken from The Lope-- that's their mascot hanging with the lava lamp)

Quote from the head renovator, Eddie Sotto: "We wanted the inside to feel like an "intergalactic in flight" lounge. The kinda place George Jetson, James Bond and Barbarella could drink together."

Mind = blown.

In other technology news, lions are laying down with lambs, or something like that: Macs will soon be able to run Windows XP. I suppose this is big news for some (like the Times' David Pogue, who doesn't actually understand computers), but once they got Google Earth for Macs all of my needs were pretty much fulfilled. Buried in that first Times article is also the news (for me, at least) that next Apple OS will be called... Leopard!

I suppose we'll still have to wait for Cheetah, when we can finally begin to make all the Cheetah Girls jokes we can handle.

And to lend this post some pop culture legitimacy, here is a link posted by Gawker to Lindsay Lohan's alleged Myspace page. I don't really understand this whole Myspace thing, but this looks reasonably legit. Still, while I understand former Top Models having Myspace pages, what in God's name could Lindsay put on there that we don't know about her already?

This douche probably thinks he's the luckiest guy in the world.

WTF did you see it snow this morning?


Anonymous said...

i've been to Encounters, it's incredibly cheesy and super super expensive. Food is meh. Saw someone famous there (can't remember who) looking really really confused as if "Why am I at this theme restaurant?"

goldblatt said...

Yeah, encounters sucks some space ass. It snowed in Middletown? Guess what, it hailed this morning in LA? The mind boggles.

Justin said...

I love theme restaurants!!! Even if the food is bad. Case-in-point: I've been to both the Jekyll and Hyde restaurants in the city. Boo and Yah.

(and not to be an ass, but: Mac OS 10.0 was code named Cheetah, so we missed it. Bullocks!)

Andrea said...

So not Lilo's MySpace. Those pics came out before, off some wack friend of hers' camera.