09 April 2006

celebrity sighting: alton brown

I admit that I have no idea who this person is beyond the fact that she obviously lives in my town (her LJ name is alphagirl):

"I always lament that even though I live very close to all the places you see on Good Eats, and shop at most of them pretty regularly, I never see Alton Brown when I am out and about. Well, today was my lucky day!

Where were we that he was buying culinary neccessities for his show? The local Army/Navy surplus store, of course! When we met him, he asked what we were doing in said store and I confused him by telling him how my corgi needs a helmet. He was only more amused confused by my explanation that I have five cats and my pup needs all the protection he can get (actually, Ein commando crawls behind the giant pillows/cushions on my couch and we decided he clearly was having Nam flashbacks, but I digress...). AB showed me his motorcycle helmet (he was on a lovely BMW bike) and said that would be better than the one I had, but might be too big for my dog!

Anyways, he was very cordial and didn't mind at all when I called out, "Hey, can I bother you for minute?" He's pretty much just like his tv personna, which only made him more awesome to me! Hahaha, I just wished I hadn't had to meet him the day after I got out of the hospital aka looked like POOP. Also, sadly, I didn't have a chance to ask him what he was getting at the store, or a chance to tell him to bust Rachel Ray in her mouth for us... "


Someday I too will meet my idol,

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