10 April 2006

cam'ron can't handle us

You may be tired of rumors starting, but I've heard a bit of goss that Cam'Ron has cancelled on Spring Fling because he couldn't get enough security. I sincerely hope rappers he has beef with read this, because this one bit of information is enough to build an entire album on. Of course, maybe good ol' Cam is still coming. We'll just have to wait and see...But if he doesn't, it's going to take a lot for me to stop (half)-ironically stating, "Cam is such a pussy yall!" 24 sev.

Cee-Lo is fantastic! He'd never abandon us!
Speaking of gossips, they don't have offices. Have you been having love trouble? Did you forget your one night stand's name? Are you curious who has a crush on you? Well then, Lane and Sorrow are on the case. Give 'em a call at 206-350-0875. Calls are anonymous, but you still might want to disguise your voice.

Brown hair and a vagina,
Joe John

Speaking of Cee-Lo, shitparade has a new one from his other, other sideproject Lovestink.


notjesslane said...

Amazing photo of the two of us at last year's spring fling. A perfect tie-in with the rest of the post. You are too good at this.

Max said...

the word on the street is they got talib kweli as a replacemement...

Andrea said...
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Andrea said...