01 April 2006

blak is beautiful

Coffee? Coke[a-Cola]? Coffee? Coke? Sometimes I just can't decide. Thank The Coca-Cola Company that starting Monday I won't have to chose between my two caffeinated loves ever again.

Kona Coke?

That's because TCC Co. is introducing Coke Blak (I don't know how to type a macron, so die), which is coffee flavored Coke! Amazing! Why did this not exist before? Well, actually it has. They tested it in France. I guess their logic is that if the frogs like café au coke, Amrrrica will too.

Oh. And in other news: black people are finally using the interweb! Welcome.

Just for the taste of it,


Joe John said...

I think we should develop a reputation as a pop culture/music/soda blog.

Katey said...

We tried it today. It was terrible.