07 April 2006

anonymous celebrity stalkings, pt 1

The first of (hopefully many) anonymous celebrity stalkings.

"thought you'd like to know i just saw mr. jay manuel and his lady
window shopping on rodeo. he was looking at something and talking
about how overpriced it was. three minutes later: preggers brooke shields emerging from the bathroom at barneys.

more or less exciting than last week, when i saw jack black and al pacino in a three block radius in an 18 hour time period?"

What we learned today: Jay Manuel isn't rich enough to not care about spending money.
What we're still confused about: Jay Manuel being straight?

Anonymous Celebrity Stockings,
Joe John


mdizzy said...

Again, what is this with Mr. Jay being straight? Are you for real? I'm feeling a Daniel Franco moment here.

Justin said...

Maybe Jay's a scienentologist and thus "straight". Did you see the first ep of "So NoTORIous"?

Anonymous said...

I told you! I told you he is apparently straight!