13 March 2006

zordon does not approve.

"Power Rangers, Goldar and Rita are at it again. They've constructed a moon beast that is going to eat the city. It has tentacles, claws, and will shoot sparks that will make you roll and do somersaults...Also, Alpha 5 saw one of you gettin' naked on seancody.com. That is so gay!"

If you haven't been keeping up with ONTD (or...um...your gay porn?) this weekend, you may have missed that the original Red Ranger (Austin St. John) is now doing gay-for-pay porn. If you're really curious, you can see the video here. And by curious I mean interested in small penises, gigantic man boobs, and your favorite child star receiving the most uncomfortable sexual favor ever. Gross.

Joe John

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Justin said...

God. Why won't SeanCody.com leave me alone?!?