24 March 2006

you've got a nerve to be listening to this song: louisiana

A Hundred Miles Off, the new album by The Walkmen, doesn't come out until May 23. Word on the street (or word out of frontman Hamilton Leithauser's mouth) is that the album is "much more solid than the last record". Here is the tracklisting and an mp3 of the opening track. I'm quite fond of "Louisiana"...I don't know why.
  1. Louisiana...(The opening track, "Louisiana" is described by Leithauser as "light and fun sounding. We added a trumpet line, and it has a very Dylan 'Basement Tapes'-era feel to it. But it's a nod, not a ripoff.- billboard.com)
  2. Danny's at the Wedding
  3. Good for You's Good for Me
  4. Emma, Get Me a Lemon
  5. All Hands and the Cook
  6. Lost in Boston
  7. Don't Get Me Down (Come on Over Here)
  8. This Job Is Killing Me
  9. Tenley Town
  10. Brandy Alexander
  11. Always After You ('Til You Started After Me)
  12. Another One Goes By
If you are unfamiliar with The Walkmen, here are three other songs for you to better familiarize yourself...
THE WALKMEN- We've Been Had
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I'm pounding on your door,
Joe John

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