07 March 2006

you of all people know how fast the weather can change

Well, I didn't really want to loom over Katey's beautiful Oscar post below, but the inner comic book geek within me couldn't wait any longer. Actually, I just clearly hate Katey. Clearly.

J/K!!!!! LoL. I just wanted to post about the trailer for X-Men 3. Not to be incredibly graphic, but if I had a vagina...it would now be wet with anticipation for this movie. Because, duh...that's how vaginas work! I know so much about them.

An army of attractive people with superpowers.

Rogue is going to want the cure because she wants to do it with Bobby (Iceman). He is going to show interest in Kitty (Shadowcat). There will be drama and in the end everyone is going to be like, "ROGUE, YOU IS EITHA WIT US O' YOU AIN'T!" I mean, the alternate plotline could be Rogue joining Magneto, but that is less exciting and controversial. Someone I know saw the script and I'd prefer if they neither confirm or deny this prediction.

I usually don't like the epic battle scenes, but that's because they usually involve guns or swords. Guns and swords? Laaaaaaame. Superpowers? Awesome. I can't think of another film which has such a blown out epic super-hero battle...except for Sky High, WHICH WAS A QUALITY FILM, OK???? I'm still crying about how they didn't put it in the Film Series...

I mean, you also can't ignore the main reason I'm excited about this movie...underlying homosexuality. I could be reading into this a bit much after the gay cowboy montage of the Oscars. However, when there are scenes in X-2 where Bobby's parents ask him, "Have you ever tried not being a mutant?"...the homosexuality doesn't seem that underlying. Whether it is intentional or not, "The Cure" is very much mirroring the castration, electro-shock therapy, and other processes that doctors used in the past to "free" people of homosexual feelings...for their own good and the good of mankind (apparently).

Now, take the homosexuality metaphor literally. Add the line, "They wish to cure us. But I say we are the cure." Imagine an army of homosexuals destroying the world in order to protect their freedom. It'd kind of be like this...

But you know, with more...er...darkness. And yes, of course they'd be wearing cowboy hats silly!

In wrapping up this post, I ask you to think hardly about movies with underlying homosexuality. Discuss them with your parents. I provide you a second example just to get the ball rolling...

This takes the tagline "SPACE. IT'S NOT AS DEEP AS YOU THINK" to a whole other level.

I only bring this up because apparently C. "Perfidy De Licious" McDonald once asked Brian Henson if this movie was a metaphor for homosexuality. Mr. Henson was not amused, scoffing and stating, "Pssh, yeah...and Bert and Ernie are gay!" Well, I guess you answered our question.

There is nothing to cure. Nothing is wrong with either of us for that matter.

Disturbing Image of Your Life: (**NSFW!!!**) "Bert and Ernie hereby support the true-life Human Nature of Gettin' It On like two freaks in a cornhouse"...brought to your "cumputer" screen by Don't Blow.

Less exciting: The trailer for A Prairie Home Companion. Maya Rudolph and Lindsay Lohan join "one of the finest all-star casts ever assembled". Is it just me, or is this film something to yawn over?

You have no idea...,
Joe John


Katey said...

As Jordan Fish said it three years back, X-Men is about gay, black Jews.

Justin said...

Katey: you're about gay, black Jews! Boo and yah.