25 March 2006

who's afraid of the big bad lez?

Recently we were confronted with an interview with Zulema Griffin of Project Runway 2. She mentioned that she was married to an editor. The reporter immediately followed up with a question about her husband. Her reply was something along the lines of, "You mean, my wife?" She claimed to have mentioned her wife several times on the show, saying that the producers only showed you what they wanted you to see.

Months ago, rumors that ANTM runner-up Nik Pace is a lesbian sprung up all over the net. Later, Lisa D'Amato (of the same cycle) confirmed these rumors. Apparently Nik didn't want to be judged on that criteria, but it surely explains that time when her and Kim got all flustered over one of the special guests (NOTE: was that Jenny Shimizu or Eva Pigford?) It'd also explain why she would be so into posing for this recent photoshoot.

Who's afraid of the big bad lez(lie)? Now it appears that Leslie Mancia of Cycle 6 of ANTM is bisexual. While the source is a little shady (her MySpace profile), it seems as if it's legit. Her profile has comments going back as far as December, long before it was announced that she would be on ANTM. The profile also includes several personal pictures including one which has the caption "Me and my lil hottie Brittany".

Leslie gets hot with Brittany.

But could it all be a front? Ebony Taylor of Cycle 5 lists on her profile that she is 14 years old and once said that she was gay, two things that we know are not true. And on top of that, fans are known to steal pictures from other sources and create fake profiles on such networking sites (just try looking up Lindsay Lohan on facebook). In any case, I choose to believe it is true...And now I'm wondering why it hasn't yet been mentioned on the show.

Reality television is known for its love of bitchy/flaming gay men...but where's the love for the lezzies? Sure...I recognize that they're there on the shows, and the prized curious girl who makes out with them has become a reality TV cliche...but why is it that producers and contestants want to hide their identity so often? We know the stereotype of gay men in fashion, but wouldn't it have been nice to know that Zulema was breaking butch lesbian stereotypes by pursuing a career in fashion design? Wouldn't it be nice to know that two homosexuals (Kim and Nik) could exist on the same show without locking lips?

Yes. Yes it would be nice. But I guess they just don't think it would be.

Girls, Girls, Girls,
Joe John

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