31 March 2006

totesumbrellas march mixtape 2: out like a lamb

They also say that March goes out like a lamb, and this week showed no signs of proving that theory wrong. Flip flops! Short sleeves! Short shorts! Here at Wes, Foss Hill was jumpin' jumpin'.

With new weather comes a new type of music. The kind of music that enables you to lie out on the grass, look up at the sky, and point out the clouds that look like animals or former vice-presidents. The kind of music that makes you happy, even if the lyrics are sometimes sad. The kind of music made for Andrae, our little lamb.
  1. EL PERRO DEL MAR- It's All Good: "It's all good, take a new road and never look back". Even if you're feeling down, this song can't help but make you feel better. It's like a lullaby of reassurance. Didn't get that job? It's all good. Stressed about the thesis? It's all good. Got fired? It's all good...or at least El Perro del Mar can make you think that it is for 3 minutes and 36 seconds. (BUY Look! It's El Perro del Mar)
  2. JUNIOR SENIOR- No No No's: This isn't the Junior Senior that you used to know. Okay, actually it is...but it sounds radically different from "Move Your Feet". This song is very lazy. It almost has a little bit of country flavor. I know, I know. You like everything except country. Damnit! (BUY Hey Hey My My Yo Yo)
  3. MAMA CASS ELLIOTT- Make Your Own Kind of Music: One time, Katey was Mama Cass and she ate a sandwich. This song is even better than that. (BUY The Best of Mama Cass)
  4. NICE AND SMOOTH- Sometimes I Rhyme Slow: The token ol' school hip-hop jam. I'd say that I remember the first time I heard this song, but all I remember is the first time I heard another rapper steal the chorus of it. Even with the inclusion of a cocaine addiction, "Sometimes I Rhyme Slow" still manages to make me feel relaxed. Perhaps it's catharsis or some junk. (BUY Ain't A Damn Thing Changed)
  5. THE BOY LEAST LIKELY TO- I'm Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon to Your Star: It's cutesy. It's catchy. It tells a little story of never quite making it but being happy either way. Aww. (BUY Best Party Ever)
  6. I'M FROM BARCELONA- Treehouse: This song is an anthem of a secret location where you can take a special friend and retreat from the troubles of your life. Let's go to the treehouse! (VISIT website)
  7. RARE ESSENCE- Pieces of Me: Admit it. You kind of like Ashlee Simpson's "Pieces of Me"...just a little. If not, you'd probably like it if a Washington D.C. "Funk/Go-Go" band performed it. Also, the singer on this track is vocally 100 times better than Assless Simpson. (BUY The Greatest Hits Vol. 1)
  8. COMPASS- I'm Already Dead: Sure, this song comes from an album called Munchy the Bear, but it's legit. The delivery of the lyrics sounds as if the singer is chewing and then suddenly opens his mouth and lets all the words fall out. I know that doesn't make much sense or sound too appealing, but if you add instruments to it then the final product is actually quite pleasant. (BUY Munchy the Bear at website)
  9. Q AND NOT U- Soft Pyramids: A good amount of you may already know this song, but I couldn't deny it's inclusion in this playlist. (BUY Different Damage)
  10. THE JACKSON 5- The Love You Save: The token ol' school jam. With spring fever on the rise, remember kids--- "Stop! The love you save may be your own. Darling take it slow, or some day you'll be all alone." I never fully understood the complexity of the Jackson 5. I think these lyrics mean that you should wear a condom or some junk. (BUY The Ultimate Collection)
  11. ACID HOUSE KINGS- This Heart is a Stone: I hesitated to put this song on the mixtape, because I can't tell whether it's hopeless or hopeful. We'll just pretend it's a kind of happy song. (BUY Sing Along with Acid House Kings)
  12. THE WALKMEN- Louisiana: New Walkmen. I don't think I really need any reason to include this song. I probably would have bullshitted one even if it didn't fit the theme. The horn section makes me feel nice inside. (PRE-ORDER Hundred Miles Off)
  13. NINA SIMONE- Feeling Good: This one is for Tom. (BUY The Very Best of Nina Simone)
  14. OH NO! OH MY!- Skip the Foreplay: I thought this song was a perfect ending to this mix, and paired with "It's All Good" it makes quite a frame for the lamb-like playlist. This song is actually kind of sad too. But that's okay. You should be prepared for the April showers. (BUY at website)
Enjoy the warmth! Enjoy your life! Enjoy the 2 hours and 44 minutes left of March.

Sometimes I rhyme slow, sometimes I rhyme quick,
Joe John

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