04 March 2006

totesumbrellas march mixtape 1: in like a lion

As they say, March comes in like a lion. And if you're residing in Connecticut currently, you'd know that it certainly lived up to this expectation. Snow. Fucking snow.

Where are you springtime? Why can't I find you? I blame that lousy, no-good Grinch...

You ruin everything.

So I was thinking...along with the crappy weather, you could use some crappy music from dear ol' me. Considering that the last time I posted a song with the word "Lion" in it nearly resulted in the suspension of our iDisk...I think I'll stay away from using that word in my search for the perfect songs.

The criteria for most of these songs is that they can be played LOUDLY, like the roar of a lion. Some of them are angry. Some of them are sassy. Some are...sad. ALL OF THEM ROOOOOOARRRR!!!
  1. GUNS N' ROSES- Welcome to the Jungle: I can't say that the inclusion of this song on this list is entirely ironic. I mean, I have fond memories of this song. Remember that carnival ride where you spin around and stick to the wall (The Gravitron, The Starship 3000)? This song was played on this ride EVERY year I ever went to the carnival. On top of that, you just can't knock down Guns N' Roses. "November Rain" is the best 25 cents you'll spend at any jukebox because that 25 cents will give you 8 minutes and forty seven seconds of music!!!! (15 seconds longer than "American Pie" by Don McLean) But that's besides the point...The jungle is a possible setting for our mysterious March lion. Welcome to it. (BUY Greatest Hits)
  2. HEAD LIKE A KITE f/ ASYA of SMOOSH- Noisy at the Circus: If you're scared of jungles, maybe you'd prefer to set the lion in a controlled environment...like a circus! Of course I think clowns are much scarier than jungles. (BUY Random Portraits of the Home Movie)
  3. EXPLODING HEARTS- Sleeping Aides and Razorblades: Like most of these songs, I don't really know how this song fits into the theme other than being LOUD. But it is delicious. (BUY Guitar Romantic)
  4. BALTHAZAR DELEY- Neon Nation: Balthazar is a pretty awesome name. Isn't that enough reason to listen to this song? I discovered this song long before college on a mixtape my sister received in the mail from Marlboro cigarettes. Years later, I am realizing that the song is just as catchy, just as nonsensical, and just as addictive.
  5. THE READY SET- Interfight: This is the debut of Wesleyan's The Ready Set on totesumbrellas. Listen to this song. Fall in love with it.
  6. NICCOKICK- Coming Home or Turn 27: I couldn't decide which of these songs fit into this mix better. Niccokick is a Swedish band that I discovered on absolut noise. They once did a song with Jose Gonzalez called "I Want You Back". (VISIT website)
  7. WE ARE SCIENTISTS- Bomb Inside the Bomb: This is my favorite song by We Are Scientists, and it's much more memorable than anything off of With Love and Squalor. If you don't know it by now, you need to get up on this shiz!!! (FREE DOWNLOAD of Safety, Fun, and Learning (in that order))
  8. DEAR NORA & CASIOTONE FOR THE PAINFULLY ALONE- Hot Boyz (Missy Elliott cover): Casiotone for the Painfully Alone is the type of band name that makes me want to go on a killing spree. Fortunately, this song makes up for it. This version of "Hot Boyz" is odd but somehow better than the original. The vocal stylings of Dear Nora are entirely detached from these "hot boys" she is trying to pursue, and I think that it works better for the song. Missy sounds like she's trying too hard. (BUY Bro Zone)
  9. BEDTIME FOR TOYS- Black Ties White Lies: I had difficulty finding a place for this song on the mix, but something told me that it's inclusion was necessary. The level of energy and attitude in this song blows my mind. It makes me wish for a small second that I lived on the West Coast. (VISIT website)
  10. THE PIPETTES- Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me: I can never get enough of these gals. They make me feel old. I feel like their music is stuff "I heard in my teens, but haven't heard for ages." Then I hear it...and the memories of my first dance, first kiss, and first OTPH flood on in. (BUY stuff)
  11. PIEBALD- Mess With the Blues: March isn't funny at all. Not even in the "I told you so" kind of way. (BUY If It Weren't For Venetian Blinds...)
  12. DESTINY'S CHILD vs. DEVO- Lose My Freedom: I know, I know. Mash-ups are sort of over...however, I just listened to this gem a couple of days ago and realized that it wasn't as bad as I originally thought it was. It's actually sort of amazing. (BUY Destiny Fulfilled, BUY Greatest Hits)
  13. THE HARLEM SHAKES- Sickos: Every time I post a song by The Harlem Shakes, one person (not the same person) always asks me where I found them. It's sort of weird. (VISIT website)
  14. MASON PROPER- A Chance Encounter: I have listened to this song several times trying to figure it out. It starts out sounding like it could be pre-Plans Death Cab...then it got a little Weezer-ish(?) for a second...and then it sounded like the shadows of a shitty, cliche emo band. Either way, I am intrigued by this song. I can't stop listening to it. I can't stop singing the "Hey, Hey, Hey ma ma ma, ma ma ma" as I walk down the hallway. I seriously need Shelby Woo to unravel the mysterious appeal of this song. I will be reviewing this whole album very soon, and hopefully I'll have a better idea of what I want to say by then. (VISIT website)
  15. HAPPY COUPLES- Art School Trauma: This is by far my favorite song on this mix. While still retaining a certain tension necessary for the "lion" theme, it provides a nice transition out of the loudness of the lion into the lazy period known as "spring break".
Out of Egypt,
Joe John


Anonymous said...

That was always my favorite ride. So cool! Going upside-down and shit.

I'm so excited to finally find somebody as obsessed with jukebox elongation as I am. I never thought of "November Rain." My tops were Meatloaf's "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights" (8:28) and "Bat Out of Hell" (still the king at 9:48), and "Freebird" at 9:07.


Anonymous said...

where DID you hear of the harlem shakes and why is it weird? i dated the on-off guitarist for a while and went to a million of their shows in support. - kathy

Joe John said...

Kathy, you have proven my theory correct. I read about them on *sixeyes and proceeeded to hear that many people I knew were at some point in their band. And by many people, I mean two.

Liz T said...

I heart the Harlem Shakes. I know them cuz I went to High School with them. (Well, now it's just the lead singer.) I am so excited that people are getting into them. Once I was hanging with the singer and a car drove by PLAYING Sickos. It stopped at a red light and he ran and caught up with it and told the driver about their next show.

Anonymous said...

you need to listen to metal.
suplecs - tsunami
floor - who are you?

this needs less whine and more black people
non phixion - the cia is trying to kill me
see also: dr dre - let me ride

and you may as well throw in some shitty punk rock with your already garage rock feel
angry samoans
black flag (anything off of first 4 years)