29 March 2006

totes an interview: pink nasty

Pink Nasty will blow your mind. If you haven't heard her yet, you should be ashamed of yourself. Living in Austin Texas, Ms. Nasty has worked with her brother Black Nasty (NSFW) on his overly offensive AIDS Can't Stop Me album, as well as The Kevins' debut. At SXSW, she managed to play a show with Jose Gonzalez and Annie. She's covered both Electric Light Orchestra and Usher, and her sound has been compared to the solo work of Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley. Might I add...she's sort of hilarious.

admit it...you'd hit that...

Listen to some songs:
PINK NASTY- What the Fuck
PINK NASTY- I Don't Know
PINK NASTY- Burn (Usher cover)

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Ms. Nasty and I exchanged a few words about Kansas, Usher, SXSW, unfamiliar ears, and Elijah Wood. Oh yeah...we talked about her music too.
JOE JOHN: Where did the name "Pink Nasty" come from?

PINK NASTY: I was color coded accordingly by my brother Black Nasty. Plus, I look like a pig. And pigs are pink and they roll in doody and thats nasty.

JJ: If you had to describe yourself with five adjectives/words, what would they be?

i'm just glad i don't have to do that!

JJ: How would you describe your music to the unfamiliar ear?

PN: Neo neurotic female pop rock. I'm intrigued by the idea of unfamiliar ears.

JJ: Which 5 of the songs from your first album are the ones you like?

PN: Snake, Trenchcoat Blues, What the Motherfuck, Nashville Pines, Six Feet Deep in Love. Those were all recorded in KANSAS but the half of the record I didn't like was recorded in Bismarck, North Dakota in a studio that specialized in making Native American records. So there were all these pretty feathers on the floor and that fucking distracted me!

JJ: Could you tell us more about your upcoming T.F.B. album "Mold the Gold"? Is there a particular song that you are very proud of?

PN: Mold the Gold is the shit. I remember the liner notes of Tevin Campbell's I'm Ready LP where he says his album is the shit and that stayed with me and I feel like Tevin right now. I believe if it isn't the Thriller of the indie pop singer songwriter set, then it will certainly be the I'm Ready. I like all the songs but there are only 12...cheaper by the dozen mentality--you wouldn't ask Steve Martin which kid he liked best! He looks like a pig too. With white hair.

JJ: So your brother is known as "Black Nasty". What's his deal? How does he influence your music?

PN: He's a misogynist. He helps me write the songs. He produced the album.

JJ: You covered "Burn". What are your feelings about Usher?

PN: Usher, I hear, drinks 2 gallons of water a day...so I mostly think of him pissing.

JJ: Are "The Kevins" really named Kevin? Are EITHER of them named Kevin?

PN: No, but before the KEVINS album tanked they were looking into changing their names from Ted and Jon to Kevin and Kevin.

JJ: If given the opportunity to make out with anyone on the planet, who would it be?

What do you look like? Questions about me turn me on.

JJ: How did the SXSW performance go for you?

It was ok. I hear the sound was over amplified, and that makes me pretty pissed cuz that was my big shot. Haha. I hear Elijah Wood was there and he's the one person on the planet I wanna make out with.

JJ: What's the best compliment you've received as a musician (or in general)?

I'm more interested in compliments on my physical appearance.

JJ: Are there any new artists out there that you think we should be listening to?

Me, Black Nasty, The Kevins. I am very family oriented. Oh and The Danny Pound Band. and um...Wings?

JJ: Have you ever received any interesting/creepy fan-mail?

PN: No. Well, one time someone bought two copies of my album and i was like WHAT?!!?!?

JJ: Anything else you want to say to fans/listeners?

PN: don't eat pork.
Seriously, Mold the Gold is going to be the shit. Get Mule School before it comes out...so you can be cooler than your friends! Also, you should own the album of anyone who name-drops Tevin Campbell, Steve Martin, and Elijah Wood all in the same interview.

You can't keep your eyes open when you sneeze,
Joe John

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