23 March 2006

reality television star sighting: nick verreos of project runway

So this is the first sighting someone sent to me...except for Max telling me about his mother. If you have anything you'd like to share, please let me know!

"I saw Nick in LA last week: We had just come from a party in the
Hollywood Hills that was literally swarming with Gay Reality TV
Rejects (Dan Renzi, Norm Korpi, Marcello, even the gay who was Adam
Corolla's assistant on the "Adam Corolla Project" (now that's
obscure, even for me). We were at a bar on Santa Monica, in the
outside party when NICK walked by flanked by two men. I alerted my
friend Jonno, who literally said, "I LOVE YOU!" and his knees
buckled. He sort of scurried away nervously and I screamed out the
best thing I could think of: "Heck YEAH you're going to win this."

He walked faster."

Cutting bitches since 1985,
Joe John

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notjesslane said...

Yeahm but who sent you this one??