10 March 2006

post project runway fun: make a sex tape

I guarantee that one day you will find a Daniel Franco sex tape floating around the internet. In a recent interview, Daniel Franco not only said that he's taped himself having sex, but that he did it TWICE. He also said he loves dating, but he wouldn't mind a one night stand with a fan...from MySpace. Hopefully that means that there won't be 12 year olds who say they're 18 in his sex-tape. There definitely wouldn't be sex standing up or sweaters. I feel really gross knowing so much about D. Franco's sex life. And WAY too much about Jay McCarroll's, who ACTUALLY has a masturbation tape. EW!!

Also, Zulema is gay-married. The producers edited that out like WHOA.

Read the interview, full of sex tips from Daniel Franco, Diana Eng, Zulema Griffin, and Jay McCarroll.

Zebra carpet and lavender sheet, YOU JEALOUS?,
Joe John

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Anonymous said...

ha, ha, ha... way tmi in those interviews (esp w/jay) ! i still love daniel franco though. <3