13 March 2006

a poem

"When you live in LA"
by Max Goldblatt

When you live in LA, you are faced with decisions.
What to do?
and where to go?
Do I go to this cool thing or that one?
Which one will be cooler?

Last night, I had this option:
Go see Bedtime For Toys play their SXSW warmup show in a gallery
or go with my mom to an Aids Project LA benefit concert and auction.

I decided on to B4T. Because benefit concerts are not hip. Nor be AIDS.

This morning my mom told me about the benefit concert.
"All gay men," she said. "There was no line for the ladies room at
and then she told me who she met.

"You'll never guess who I talked to when I came out of the bathroom:
She told him she was a fan and how much she loved the show and how
she thought he was great.

He was obviously very polite and nice and enthusiastic.
She said he was wearing a grey pinstripe suit.



adam said...

uh, that didn't rhyme.

Max said...

when i emailed joe john, i never said it was a poem. i believe he assumed it to be free verse. you see, my writing style is naturally poetry-esque, but not actually poetic. i hope this clears up the matter.

Joe John said...

Dictionary.com defines "poem" as...

"A creation, object, or experience having beauty suggestive of poetry."

Whatever Max, just because I thought your thoughts were beautiful!

Poems don't have to rhyme!
I am going to cry in a corner!

Did you like my poem?

adam said...

i stand totes corrected.

Max said...

adam, you and i are e.e. cummings-esque.

Mad Joy said...

laina and I totes ran into Daniel (Vosovic) in NYC last Monday! He was adorable.